League Management Features
Easily manage your baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer and softball leagues for FREE with every feature you can think of. Don't let the pros have all the fun. Playermania displays your league information in a exciting new way.
Playermania is the best place to run your leagues and tournaments. Displaying your schedule, scores and standings is just the beginning. Take your leagues to the next level with our following other features.
Player Statistics
You choose the stats you want to track. If you don't want to keep any, that's fine too. For those who do, Playermania takes it to the next level. The site allows you keep virtually any statistic you can think of. League leaders for each statistic will be shown on the league home page. View the statistics page to see the complete player and team stats for the league.
Organization Page
Are your leagues part of a organization such as a park district, school or church? Create your organization page on Playermania with your unique link and image. All your leagues will be displayed on the page along with a customizable bulletin board.
Photos and Videos
Players will be able to upload photos and videos to the league page. You can also tag players, teams and games.
Chat Board
Let your players discuss the league in the chat board.
Tournament Brackets
Do you have a playoff tournament at the end of the season? Use our tournament wizard to customize the teams and number of games per round. It allows from one to seven game series.
Virtual Awards
Team and player awards can be given out. Choose your trophy and enter a title for the award. A perfect way to congratulate that league champion or MVP of your league.
Team Management
Want to just enter the scores and not worry about the stats? Let players on each team manage their roster and enter in the stats for their games. This is great for a sport like softball where the teams are keeping their stats already. A great replacement for those excel files.
Player Profile Link
Players who choose to create an account will have the option to link their accounts to their player profile page in your league. This will let them track their seasons over multiple years so they can view a league history. The stats for each league will show up on a players account profile page.
Data Exports
Export your league data to Excel, Word or PDF.
No Software to Buy and Maintain
Let us worry about updating the system and you can worry about running your leagues.